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Carrie Bunch

My name is Carrie Bunch. I am currently 36 years old, 5' 10 and 1/2" and weigh between 182-185 lbs, and I wear a size 12-14. I had gastric bypass surgery on February 10, 2005 with Dr. Quesada. I weighed 292 lbs. and wore a size 22-24w. I was unable to afford the $25,000 minimum that it would cost to have a gastric bypass in the United States.

I started looking on the internet and came across Dr. Quesada on his website. Friends and family thought I was crazy, having Surgery in a foreign country, finding a doctor on the internet! But I spoke to Nora, the patient coordinator, and she made me feel very comfortable and answered everything and anything I asked her. Nora even put me in touch with former patients of Dr. Quesada. I talked to them via email and in the end I felt very at ease. Close to leaving I visited the obesity sites and visited the mortality page and scared myself. I was worried but when I arrived in Costa Rica and met with Dr. Quesada and his staff and visited the retreat and hospital that I was to stay at, everything was perfect. The ratio of nurses to patients was better than in the States.

I have to say that now having gone through my procedure and talking to others about their recovery I feel I had to have one of the best surgeons ever. I have had no complications and continue to do well. I was able to return to work within two weeks. I follow up with my primary physican and check my vitamin levels. They have been perfect since my surgery!

The surgery has changed my life. I no longer take high blood pressure medication and I no longer have pain on the bottom of my feet from just walking. I have energy. I had my surgery on a Saturday and the drains removed on a Thursday. The doctor weighed me and I had lost 14 pounds, tears rolled down my face, it was wonderful, I had not lost 2 pounds in years. 14 pounds in 5 days!!!!

Dr. Quesada even made a "house call" as soon as a called him. I was worried about my drain it turned out to be nothing but Dr. Quesada came to my retreat. Where would that happen in the US. I can't stress how grateful I am to Dr. Quesada and Nora. This has been the best experience ever! I would definitely recommend this surgery and especially Dr. Quesada.

I have even asked Nora to allow people thinking about having a gastric bypass to contact me with any questions. I want others to have a chance at a new life and to have it done safely like I've had.

Susan Schmidt

Dr. Quesada performed a successful gastric banding procedure on me one year ago. The procedure not only helped me loose the extra weight I had put on but it helped me to change the way I eat.

The procedure helped me to focus on a better regimen in general. Dr. Quesada is the utmost professional. He was gentle, kind, caring, and thorough. He took the time to explain all about my procedure and made certain that I had time to ask any questions. He spent an extended amount of time with me at every appointment.

His office is immaculate, his appearance is well-groomed, everything associated with him and his work is of the utmost detailed care. He made me feel like a special patient. This was a great relief for me since I traveled all the way from the States to see him.

He was one of the few doctors that I have ever met that was a pleasure to get to know. He has also provided the assurance I needed that follow up appointments can be made as long as neccessary. That was amazing!

With Deepest Regards,
Susan Schmidt

Deborah Mullis

I had my GBS with Dr. Quesada one year ago yesterday. It was truly the most wonderful thing I've done for myself and Dr. Quesada was absolutely perfect. He is so calm, so sweet, so considerate and the ultimate perfectionist. He is so proud of the work he does and with good reason. My surgery was flawless, my recovery more rapid than I ever expected. I have had no troubles or complications in the entire year. Everything works beautifully. And, I've lost 65 pounds! I feel like two million dollars. I highly recommend anyone considering weight loss surgery to work with Dr. Quesada.

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