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Mini gastric bypass surgery (MGB)

The mini-Gastric Bypass (MGB) is a minimally invasive, short, simple, successful laparosopic gastric bypass weight loss surgery. The mini-Gastric Bypass has been shown to be low risk, it has excellent long term weight loss, there is minimal pain and when necessary can be easily reversed or revised.  People from all 50 States and from around the world are choosing the mini-Gastric Bypass as the best choice in Bariatric weight loss surgery.

Instead of a small pouch, the mini gastric bypass surgery procedure creates a narrow tube that is attached to the small intestine approximately six feet from its starting point, a placement that bypasses the highly absorptive section of the intestine. Because no large incision is needed to perform mini gastric bypass surgery, there is a lower risk of large surgical scars or hernia.


Dr. Quesada performs his surgeries at the following hospitals in San Jose, Costa Rica:

Hospital Clínica Bíblica CIMA Hospital Metropolitan Hospital

CIMA Hospital

CIMA Hospital is JCI accredited, an international mark of quality in medical and health care. It is run by International Hospital Corporation, Dallas Texas.

The top management of the hospital are all Americans. Costa Rican doctors, surgeons, physicians, and dentists who practice at CIMA undergo stringent credential check put in place by the CIMA management.

CIMA Hospital in San Jose is the only hospital in Central American that is accredited by the Department of
US Veterans Affairs. CIMA Hospital has made Costa Rica the safest destination for health tourism in Central America.

Metropolitan Hospital

Metropolitan Hospital is a new hospital located in San Jose.  It offers the latest and best in medical technology.  It is US accredited (AAAHC).  This mid-sized hospital is now recognized internationally as a hospital that meets the highest standards for management quality and safety.  

Metropolitan Hospital offers an excellent mixture of high technology, professional ethics, and human resource committed to the welfare of their patients.


For international patients arriving from outside of Costa Rica, we have arranged a surgery schedule that will help minimize your time away from home. We will hold your first consultation and check-up on one day and perform the surgery the next. You should expect to stay in Costa Rica for 5 days after your surgery so that you can make a fully safe and comfortable recovery.

The cost of the RNY or the MGB Gastric Bypass is $8,500 to $10,000, depending on which hospital you choose to have your surgery performed in. This includes: pre-op testing, consultation, surgeon fees, operating room, anesthesiologist, overnight stay in the hospital, and follow-up visits.


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