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Letters of Recommendation

Dear Dr. Rashi,

I wanted to take a moment to say thanks to you and your staff for the incredible job you did for my wife. Alisa's body looks great and she is healing far better than I could have hoped for. You are truly a master of your profession. As you can well imagine, my level of concern about traveling to Costa Rica for my wife to have surgery was great. Not only had we never met you or been to your facility, but Alisa had never had surgery before and then there was the whole needle thing. I was overwhelmed with a feeling of helplessness while Alisa was in surgery and was so relieved once she was in recovery. Now that I see the outcome I can say it was worth all of the worry. To say the very least, I am amazed at the results!!

I also want you to know that this never would have happened without Nora! I had been emailing with her during Alisa"s surgey and she was a huge comfort to me. So once again thank you very much!

~ Mick Slattery

Like you I was looking into having cosmetic surgery. I live in Sacramento and went to a local cosmetic surgeon to get a quote for liposuction for my stomach and flanks. I was given a quote of $5715, and that was with a 20% off special they had. I also inquired about Botox for my forehead and eyes. I was told that would run $750.

Then I started researching on the internet. I'd always heard you could go to other countries and have cosmetic surgeries done for much less. But I was concerned about the caliber of the work and doctors. I read an article about cosmetic surgery in Costa Rica. I'd been on vacation to Costa Rica before, and liked the laid back atmosphere and friendliness of the Ticos. I started researching different clinics in Costa Rica. I looked at the qualifications of the doctors and searched for complaints. After all my research I chose the Rosenstock/Lieberman Clinic. The doctors have excellent qualifications and even teach others. They're also certified in the US, which I felt was extremely important.

I contacted the clinic and received a quick response from Nora. I found out that liposuction to my stomach would run $2400 – less than half of what I'd been quoted in the US.

I had a tooth that had been bothering me for months and I have no dental insurance. Nora recommended Dr. Garita. I was hurt by a dentist when I was a kid, so I have a hard time with dentists. But I hadn't had a cleaning in years and knew I needed to get the sore tooth checked. I couldn't believe the prices I was quoted. I found out that I could get my teeth laser whitened for less than ¼ of what my friend had paid in the US.
Nora assisted me in finding a place to stay for my recovery. I chose Casa de Mariposa, which was absolutely wonderful. Andi and her staff made me feel like I was in my second home.

Nora was incredibly helpful. She assisted me in planning my stay and with information I needed. She always responded quickly and gave me information on everything from pricing, what to pack, and what to tell the airlines for my return trip. She's sweet and helpful, and I now consider her a friend.

I made the trip and met Dr. Lieberman, my surgeon. I ended up having liposuction done to my arms, legs, stomach and flanks. I also had the Botox I wanted and my lips embellished. All of that was still hundreds less than what I would've paid in the US for lipo to my stomach and flanks.

Dr. Lieberman was so nice and explained everything to me. The staff were friendly and it was obvious they enjoy their jobs. I was taken excellent care of both before and after the surgery, as well as on my follow up visits. For the first time in my life, I wasn't nervous before surgery – I was actually relaxed.

I went to Dr. Garita's office and had my x-rays, teeth cleaned and laser whitened. Dr. Alvarez performed my exam. He was incredibly nice and explained everything to me. They even brought a specialist in to perform my root canal, and it didn't cost me anything for the specialist. Dr. Garita actually took the time to come sit down and talk with me about what I was having done.

I am incredibly pleased with everything I had done. Everyone was friendly and helpful to me, and made my experience there excellent. The best thing I can say is that I will definitely be going back. The only difference is I now have friends and family members who want to come with me on my next trip to both Dr. Garita's office and the Rosenstock/Lieberman clinic.

Without making too long a story I will tell you that I did my research and decided to choose Dr. Garita for my dental work. Dr. Garita and his staff were courteous, prompt and professional. I get compliments on the appearance of my smile on a regular basis thanks to Dr. Garita and my teeth are very strong. I have had considerable dental work done over the years and Dr. Garita's work is not only equal to the work that I've had in the states- it is better and at a much better price! I am very proud to have made the right decision in choosing DR. Garita as my dentist.

~ Tommy Howard- Austin, Texas

I used Rosenstock Center Costa Rica in July 2008 for eye and face surgery. All aspects of the expereince exceeded all my expectations.The results were very satisfying.

~Leon Brink

My experience at the Rosenstock Center remains the best surgical one I have had. The doctors and nurses at the Center are among the very best. The Breast Lift was painless and the experience in Costa Rica cannot be matched. You receive very individualized care unlike some in the United States. The Recovery Retreat was one the most fun experiences also. You meet so many people from all over the world.

The minute I stepped in the door of the Rosenstock Center, I felt at ease and looked forward to my great new look! It was all top notch. I look forward to returning again. Thank you Dr. Rosenstock, Dr. Leiberman and Dr. Cohen!

~Deborah Hearn

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