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Letters of Recommendation

Thank you, thank you. I can't begin to tell you the feeling I get every time I look in the mirror. I smile and I'm shocked, it is so perfect! As you know I spent years trying to save for the extensive dentistry I needed done. I needed dental implants, crowns, and a bridge, as well as, oral surgery. All totaling approximately $15,000 in the U.S. My insurance would possibly pay $1,200, ha! I thought I had time to save but then I started having pain. I had infections under the teeth that needed to be pulled but I didn't have the money to do the work I needed. Then I came across an article on Cosmetic and Dental surgery in Costa Rica. That brought me to the Internet right away and I found

I emailed the site and was put in touch with a patient coordinator from Dr. Mario Garita's office in Costa Rica named Nora. She emailed me right back and I heard from the doctor within 24 hours. From that point on things went so quickly and smoothly. I not only got a quote on the work I needed, but was stunned to find that the costs were 2/3 less than in US! I also found a dentist who was kind, gentle, and patient -- that was amazing!

Dr. Garita's patient coordinator, Nora, took care of everything from appointments, flight information, recovery retreat, transportation, to what to bring, to Costa Rican environment, culture, climate, I simply mean everything.

When it was time to board the plane to go I was nervous and began to have doubts that it really could be this easy. But these doubts began to fade when we landed and I was greeted by a driver from the recovery retreat, the Las Cumbres Inn. I was met at the door of the retreat by a smiling Elke, the owner of the retreat, who is a wonder. She and her staff are there to meet your every need - even those you didn't know you have.

The same day of my arrival I had my first appointment with Dr. Garita and if I had had any reservations they were quickly dispelled. I not only wound up with my new teeth and a new smile, but also a new friend. So different from here. I spent a couple weeks in Costa Rica and between appointments I had time to tour, travel, and enjoy the beautiful country and its people. My total spending for everything came to a little more than 1/3 of what I would have spent here, and on top of that I had a great vacation! How do I thank you, Dr. Garita, and Elke, as well as all of my new friends in Costa Rica.

~Sincerely, Louise NY

I had been planning on cosmetic surgery for a very long time. No matter how hard I tried, I just could not afford the prices here in the States. A friend of mine told me about Costa Rica being a Mecca for cosmetic surgery. She had her surgery there and looked terrific.

She recommended Costa Rica Health Escapes and Dr. Rosenstock. I did my research and discovered that the doctors on staff are members of the American Society of Plastic Surgery. Everyone speaks English and the doctors are very warm and caring.

One of my biggest fears was ending up looking like my face was pulled tight. We had a consultation upon my arrival and was assured this would not happen. I am amazed at the results. Everyone tells me I look terrific, very relaxed and rested looking.

Elke the owner of Las Cumbres took care of all my needs post-op. I was treated like a queen and will never forget the friendships I formed with other patients. My entire trip for everything including airfare was under $5,000!

Thank you doctors, Elke and all the others that made my trip so worthwhile.

~Joan, Florida

In February, 2008 I had a face/neck lift at Rosenstock Clinic. I am 100% satisfied with the surgery results by the doctors at Rosenstock. After returning home, doctors I visited for follow up exams remarked that the surgery results were excellent. My experiences with the doctors, staff, and overall operation of Rosenstock Clinic was excellent. I could recommend Rosenstock Clinic with complete confidence.

Hope I get to return to Costa Rica soon....!
~ jahga

I had my GBS with Dr. Quesada one year ago yesterday. It was truly the most wonderful thing I've done for myself and Dr. Quesada was absolutely perfect. He is so calm, so sweet, so considerate and the ultimate perfectionist. He is so proud of the work he does and with good reason. My surgery was flawless, my recovery more rapid than I ever expected. I have had no troubles or complications in the entire year. Everything works beautifully. And, I've lost 65 pounds! I feel like two million dollars. I highly recommend anyone considering weight loss surgery to work with Dr. Quesada.
~ Deborah

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