Cosmetic surgery (plastic surgery) and dentistry in Costa Rica









Letters of Recommendation

Dear Nora...

I would like to share the experience of having cosmetic surgery with the Rosenstock clinic in Costa Rica 18 months ago. It is a big decision for most Americans to go to another country for any surgery, as we know we have some of the best doctors in the world. We, also, know we have litigation rights, in case there are postoperative issues. American doctors pay high malpractice premiums for that reason, therefore cosmetic surgery is unbearably expensive. That is exactly the reason I chose to look outside of my own country and explored all the options for 6 months before I had decided on The Rosenstock Clinic. I have been in the healthcare profession for 35 years and knew what was involved in the cost and was willing to go to another country, as long as he was American board certified. I had, also, lived overseas for 7 years and had foot surgery and two babies so was not as reluctant to travel to save a substantial amount of money to have the quality of services I knew would be available.

After 3 different opinions in the last 9 years, I was told a tummy tuck was my only option to remove the excess weight. When I saw all 3 doctors in Costa Rica, they all agreed that lipo would be the solution to my situation, not major surgery. I was surprised and relieved as the post op for that surgery was frightening, as well as having to work with the recovery process. The doctors at Rosenstock were honest and compassionate about how they wanted to deal with my corrective surgery, plus the expenses were reduced dramatically. The clinic was clean, updated, and the staff kind and helpful, as well as highly professional.

I cannot tell you how happy I am I chose the Rosenstock clinic and the doctors. I appreciated their honesty, respected their education and experience. They are American Board certified and that is very important in choosing the right professional to take care of any American who is going to another country for surgery. I am planning to have a facelift in September this year and look forward to seeing these doctors, having them take care of me again. I am so happy with my lipo and feel so much better about myself, being able to wear clothes that don't bulge out in my tummy area. The change was quite dramatic! The other great part of going to Costa Rica is the accommodations that are provided for post op care. There are many recovery facilities so they must all be researched. I chose the Paradise Inn because of their reputation, location, educated staff, and ability to speak English.
~ Sandi

I'm writing to let people know about the benefits of going to the Rosenstock clinic for surgery , I have traveled from Ca. to their center twice , I have had multiple procedures , including , breast lift , with breast augmentation, liposuction, under arms done , eyes done , Ive had the same experience each time , its wonderful. I will be going back when I want to have something else done , also remember that being out of the country and not at home your pretty much forced to relax . I know as a woman that if I'm at home I feel like its my duty to get things done , so remember to take this time to recover.
~ Michele

Wow! I don't know where to begin! I will try though! First of all I'm a gastric bypass patient and had lost 136 pounds. After keeping the weight off for almost 2 years I decided it was time to bring my body back up North. My neighbor had had her surgery done in Costa Rica so I thought why not follow her. My day of surgery was on July the 4Th! I arrived directly from the airport to the clinic. They were great. I met with Dr Cohen and he was wonderful. We went over what he was going to do, I took a shower, and he came back in with the wonderful marker and drew what he was going to do. On the first day I had a breast lift and augmentation and a tummy tuck.

I stayed overnight at the clinic and received wonderful care. I was fortunate enough as my care giver stayed in the room with me and if I even moved or made a noise she was there to see if I needed anything. She helped to feed me and to make sure I was taken care of.

We were going to do a thigh lift but Dr. Cohen felt it was safer to do in this in another surgery in several days. So a few days later we did blood work to make sure my iron level was good and it was low so we added iron to my daily pills. Then he checked again in 2 days and I was ready for surgery. Once again I received great care and Dr Cohen even called to check in on me at around 10:00 pm to make sure I was doing okay. I stayed the night again for a second time and the care was great again. Dr Cohen was leaving for vacation but made sure everything was going okay before he did. I then saw Dr Rashi and Dr Lieberman they were just as compassionate at Dr Cohen had been. I would go through it all again if necessary.

As for the recovery resort I chose to stay at Chetica Ranch. The care there was wonderful and they made sure you were ready for the appointments and didn't have to keep track of them yourself. I had wonderful massages from Madga while I was there and met many great people. If I should need any further care I wouldn't hesitate on going back.
~ Melody Parker, California

I was dreading turning 60! Every time I looked in the mirror all I saw was drooping jowls, a terrible neck, saggy breasts and far too much thickness in the middle! Not too mention ... The teeth!

I researched and found the Rosenstock Centre .... Immediately started correspondence with Nora, the Patient Coodinator. Absolutely the best!!! Nora was incredibly helpful and arranged everything for me. Additionally she highly recommended Dr. Garita as she herself had dental work done with him. So off I went to Costa Rica ... The Rosenstock Centre / Dr. Garita and Chetica Ranch! Extremely nervous and not knowing quite what to expect! From the moment I stepped off the airplane until I left 11 days later .... My high expectations were not only met but also exceeded!!!!

Drs. Rosenstock and Dr. Cohen are wonderful Drs ... Considerate, thoughtful and brilliant at what they do. I had a neck lift, chin implant, permanent filler, breast lift, liposuction and a tummy tuck!!!! I was amazed there wasn't a lot of discomfort and two days later Dr. Garita started on my teeth!!! And that turned out superbly as well. I couldn't believe I could look and feel so well so quickly! Everything the doctors do is first class ... And now of course, my husband wants to go along with many friends!!!

Chetica Ranch is a perfect place to recover. Lorena, Ruben and staff provide all the comforts of home in a gorgeous facility in the rain forest.

Now six months later ... I look and feel amazing. My self confidence is stronger than ever and I'm loving life. Thank you Dr. Rashi, Dr. Cohen, Dr.garita and to the woman who helped me make all the right choices, Nora!

~ Barbara Baines, Vancouver

I had wanted plastic surgery for a very long time. I just could not afford the prices here in the States. I watched a TV program and was amazed to find out the prices in Costa Rica. Then my plan started.

The site, put me in contact with Nora, patient coordinator. Having a surgery is bad enough, but, going to a foreign county, was terrifying.

I picked the Rosenstock Center. The doctors were board certified in US, which made me more comfortable. But my decision was mainly due to Nora, who was quick to answer my every concern, she also, gave me references to contact, which I did, also, with great reviews. She give me information on what to wear and what to expect, and what not to bring. Any question I had, she addressed.

I can not express how wonderful Nora was to calm my fears. When I arrived home, she also, contacted me for a follow up. Not only did I have a good experience with my surgery, I feel like someone cared. I would recommend Nora, and trust her judgment, also, I would do it all again!

~ Ellen, Colorado